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A professional actress, director, and producer with over 35 years experience in the film and television industry, both in the UK and United States.

|As and actress, Zoë has worked with directors such as Ridley Scott, Neil Jordan, and Mike Figgis.

Actors including Al Pacino, Zoë Wannamaker, and Bob Hoskins.

Her film credits include "Mona Lisa,""Those Glory, Glory Days," "One Night Stand," and "The Raggedy Rawney."

Zoë now owns and operates her own Agency, representing talent for Film, TV, commercial, and video games.

Previous and current students include Cathy Tyson, Gerrard Butler, Raul Bova, and Josh Groban.  Zoë is well respected in the industry and has close relationships with many top agents, casting directors, and directors in the UK, USA, and Europe.

"Zoë has been an inspiration to me from the first time that we worked together on set, but interestingly it's since getting to know her as an incredibly talented actress that I've come to appreciate the full force of her talents.  She is an amazing acting coach and I've watched endless actors come to life when helped by her.  If I could give one piece of advise to any actor or director out there, it would be to take a class with Zoë!"

-James Rouse- Director

"Finally I have come across one acting coach who allows "doing" to be the true guide, rather than be guided by past theories or handed down intellectual approaches."

-Akram Khan- Choreographer/Dancer/Artistic Director

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